Milwaukee Area Reiki Services

Milwaukee Area Reiki Services

It may be hands on or off, depending on your preference. You may also combine reiki with massage when you try the Chakra Harmonizing Massage. Schedule a Reiki or combination session. A Reiki session is always done fully clothed with shoes off. The heated table will be dressed with a warm blanket for your comfort. Singing crystal bowl or reiki music will be played with little outside distractions. Each session includes custom aromatherapy and a guided meditation for ultimate relaxation. Cathy is a Registered Holy Fire II® Reiki Master Teacher with the Internation Center for Reiki Training.

30 Minute Reiki Healing Session $35

Reiki healing for specific ailments or briefer session of the full body with grounding and clearing, includes aromatherapy.

60 Minute Reiki Session $55

Full body Reiki healing session with grounding and clearing, includes guided meditation and aromatherapy.

90 Minute Reiki Session $85

Full body Reiki healing, guided meditation, chakra balance, aromatherapy, grounding, clearing and crystal therapy.