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The Solar Plexus

When you are moving forward in solid intentions, you are “flexing” your Solar Plexus Chakra. The Solar Plexus center of the chakra system is an energetic center found in the area above the navel and below the diaphragm. If its depleted, you may have low self-esteem, weak or indecisive.

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The Sacral Chakra

The moments when we take care of ourselves (body, mind and spirit) is the space inside the Sacral Chakra. The Sacral center of the chakra system is an energetic center found in the sacrum and lower belly. If its depleted, you may feel stressed or worn down.

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A Red Tent Series: Women’s Self-Care Part 2

Now that we are grounded and present, the next step is to do some Cleansing. This can mean your body, mind, and even space. I will give you a great cleansing foot bath recipe, but also a few other ideas as well. The recipe  does not have to be exact. It may sound strange, but you can find many of these items in your kitchen or a grocery store.

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A Red Tent Series: Women’s Self-Care Part 1

This 5 part series will take you through my own personal red tent of self-care. Though I am guilty of falling off sometimes, I make sure to get back to a routine as much as I can. Some days if I have gone the whole day without some type of conscious self-care, I lay down in my bed for the night, close my eyes and take 3 nice deep, slow breaths. That’s just enough.

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Women’s Self-Care

For a very long time, women were pushed further and further into the background. Though we have been making strides in the last century, women still tend to forget themselves. Taking care of loved ones, working, keeping up the home, and general modern life stress can take a toll. We make excuses, even sub-consciously, “no time”, “too tired”, “not in the budget”. But it is extremely important to even take a moment each day to breathe. Being tapped out on energy can leak into other areas of our lives.

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Wellness Education

As my business has evolved, it has ironically turned to more classes. I say ironically because I think back to my youth and I remember how much I struggled as a student and my wonderment of how anyone would ever want to be a teacher. As I matured and grew over the years, it was crystal clear. Not only are you allowed to spread the exciting information that you are interested in to others, but you become a better student yourself. Education is something I seek on a daily basis. Always reading, always experiencing.

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