I apologize for the inconvenience. Due to the risks involved providing massages and hands-on energy work in my business during this precautionary time with COVID-19 (Coronavirus) and having immune compromised and older clients, I am temporarily shutting down all in-person appointments until further notice. I will reassess once there is more information. Please feel free to book an online service or reschedule an appointment for times that are available in the future on the Scheduling page. Though this was a difficult decision, I thank you all for your understanding.

Pure Wellness Massage Overview

“Because of Cathy, fibromyalgia no longer rules over me. She always knows exactly what I need and customizes my massage accordingly. Her touch is pure and knowledgable. I can’t imagine going to anyone else! Thank you for giving me the power, energy, and stamina I need to do the things I love!”

Colleen, Milwaukee

Milwaukee Area Massage Therapy Overview

Nestled in from the weight of the world, you’ll find peace sinking into a soft, heated massage table surrounded by soothing music, ambient lighting, and great energy. Each massage includes hot towels, aromatherapy, thorough consultations to customize your session and enough time to awaken back to reality. Whether you are visiting for deep relaxation or therapeutic work on muscles, chakra balancing or reiki, you will be taken care of according to your needs.

Prepare yourself for pure physical, mental, and spiritual rejuvenation.

A series of regular massages or reiki can be helpful for stress or chronic pain. There can be a cumulative effect of building and maintaining better overall health—ultimately helping you to feel better and enjoy life more fully.

How a Massage can Benefit Me

  • Enhances general health and well-being
  • Relaxes muscles
  • Relieves muscle tension and headaches
  • Helps posture (due to restriction in muscles, joints and/or connective tissues)
  • Improves joint mobility, flexibility and range of motion
  • Help repetitive strain injuries in muscles due to work, hobbies, or other activities
  • Helps secondary pain (such as over-compensation for pain)
  • Improves medical treatment healing time including pre and post-surgery
  • Excellent adjunct therapy for chronic pain
  • Help uncover unconsciously held tension (finding knots you didn’t even know you had can help you take measures to relieve the tension before it becomes chronic)
  • Relieves tired, tight or sore muscles and hastens recovery time for athletes and fitness enthusiasts
  • Improves blood circulation
  • Helps to lower blood pressure
  • Helps to improve weakened muscles
  • Promotes restful sleep
  • Supports effective digestion and breathing
  • Increases attentiveness and learning
  • Increases job performance
  • Relieves stress and anxiety
  • Help “reconnect” mind and body
  • Reduces physical/mental fatigue and increases the level of endorphins
  • Help in recovery process for eating disorders (in conjunction with your health program)
  • Diminishes PMS symptoms
  • Reduces stress and blocks pain during labor
  • Encourages weight growth in premature babies
  • Promotes better sleep and more focus in people with autism and ADHD