Massage For Sensory Needs

“Absolutely amazing. Worth every minute of the long drive to get there. We will definitely be back. Cathy is a master!”

Connie, Bayside

Massage For Sensory Needs

Info for caregivers and loved ones

Not only do I provide massage and reiki sessions for pediatric and adult clients, I also provide talks and hands on classes for those who would like to provide touch at home for those on the autism spectrum or have sensory needs. This is a good alternative for those who have a hard time with our spa environment. I also recommend it as an amazing bonding experience for families!

This is what you will find when joining me:

  • Why touch is important
  • Massage benefits
  • Why massage is relevant to autism
  • Massage for Autism benefits
  • My experience as a parent of a child with Autism and how it relates
  • Group discussion
  • How to read your child
  • Environmental factors and the senses
  • Tips and tools
  • Putting it all together
  • Techniques
  • Resources

Schedule a private class or session or Email Cathy for group classes.