I apologize for the inconvenience. Due to the risks involved providing massages and hands-on energy work in my business during this precautionary time with COVID-19 (Coronavirus) and having immune compromised and older clients, I am temporarily shutting down all in-person appointments until further notice. I will reassess once there is more information. Please feel free to book an online service or reschedule an appointment for times that are available in the future on the Scheduling page. Though this was a difficult decision, I thank you all for your understanding.

Pure Wellness Massage Visit

“Cathy has a gift for finding the muscles that need attention, and they are often not the muscles I think are the issue. I go in barely able to stand up straight and walk out feeling loose and flexible again. She’s great!”

Betty, Milwaukee

What To Expect At Your First Visit

When you arrive for your appointment, you may relax in the waiting area while you fill out your paperwork. Tea and water are always at hand. If this is not your first visit, you will be brought back to the treatment area to discuss any changes in your health and your needs for the day.

If it is your first visit…Much like visiting a doctor or dentist, I’ll need you to record any medical history, past/present injuries and other physical conditions I should be aware of in order to better serve you. This is done by simply filling out the Client Intake Forms which I will be happy to review with you if there should be any questions.

We will then go to the treatment room where a cozy massage table dressed with a warm blanket and clean linens await. Before we start the session, I will review major focus(es) you have, explain the treatment, and answer any questions you may have. Last, I will offer 3 different essential oil blends depending on what you have going on. After I leave the room, you can disrobe to your level of comfort and lie on the massage table under the sheet and blanket (just like crawling into your warm bed). If you will be receiving a reiki treatment, you will only remove your shoes, but leave your clothes on and I will ask if you prefer a blanket. During your massage session you will always be draped with the top sheet and an additional blanket is available for your comfort as well. I will only undrape the part of the body being worked on, ensuring your modesty is respected at all times.

Your choice of music or sound healing will be playing unless you request only white noise. The room will be quiet, with little distractions.

After you have taken your time getting onto the table and under the sheets and blanket, you may ring the chime next to the table to signify you are ready for me to re-enter the room. I will knock on the door and ask if you are ready to proceed before re-entering the room. Before beginning your session, I will remind you to let me know, at any time, if a technique or stroke being used is too deep or not enough pressure. Also, I will check in on the temperature of the table and your comfort.

I will have you start with deep, slow breaths using the aromas you chose and then perform the service we discussed in your consultation. Massage services will include hot towels and aromatherapy. Reiki sessions will include aromatherapy and may include guided meditation and crystal placements.

After your session is completed, I will allow you to rest while I wash my hands and retreive your water. I will then again leave the room so that you can rise slowly to come back to the present and get dressed.. Before you leave, we can discuss how you are feeling and I will be happy to answer any other questions you may have. We will also discuss future appoinemtns and reschedule at that time. We may talk about any home wellness products or self-care ideas that may help you between sessions.

After every session it is important to re-hydrate yourself with a couple glasses of water.

Standard massage therapy sessions last one hour—with fifty minutes devoted to hands-on time (or 80 minutes for a 90 minute service). Five minutes preceding and five minutes following are reserved for the pre-interview and dressing processes.