Some Things Get Better With Age

On February 2nd, 2008 I turned 30 and graduated from Lakeside School of Massage. It was both a great beginning and shock to a new decade for me. I wanted to help people and changed careers from doing Graphic Design and Office Management to becoming a Licensed Massage Therapist.
Our economy had just tanked as well, leading me through my first few years in the massage world with some real eye-opening experience.

Thankfully, I can look back at it now with a little more wisdom. Wisdom and tons of experience is what it gave to me. First, working at a chiropractor’s office learning more about the anatomy and physiology of the human body then moving into the spa world realizing how VITAL the relaxation aspect of it is. Combining these 2 modalities allowed me to start Pure Wellness on my own.

What most people do not know is I was about to quit the massage industry right before I opened my own business in 2012. I was overworked and had tendonitis in both arms. I even interviewed with MATC to go back into office management. I got through 3 interviews and it was down to me and one other person. I wasn’t picked and I believe it was the universe saying I wasn’t done yet. So I took a little break and then opened my own business.

They say the average massage therapist’s career lasts 7 years. I’m looking forward to at least 10 more years and possibly more. However long I continue this journey, I know the other paths that have joined up to meet me will take me further into taking care of you all. Aromatherapy, herbalism, meditation, reiki, life spirit classes, self-care and wellness classes have slowly integrated to become a massive tool box for myself and my clients.

I’ve had many clients with me along the way. My very first client out of school is STILL with me and sees me every single week. She’s not even a family or friend! Though for sure part of my massage family. And that is exactly how I view my clients: my massage family.
Thank you ALL for the last 10 years and continuing to support me and trusting me with your bodies, minds and spirits.

See you in the treatment room!